Budget and Financial Basics Never End

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No matter who you are and what you have done – planning and financial basics never go away!

You always have to plan what you are doing with your money and checking to make sure its working because money can so easily be spent and wasted…

So you always have to keep checking on whats working and make note of what is not working, plus knowing why it is or is not working… etc.  Spend money is easy, but making and keeping money is not so easy…

So back to basics – where is your money going and is it really working for you and bringing something back that is worthwhile?   Things in and of themselves don’t make us happy – see – money with out purpose -and choose to make this world better –

You need to be wise enough to make your resources work for a positive good, in this world – with a purpose beyond just wealth and having money – the video and story on Bob Chapman is a great example of this!

Also learning to pay yourself first after you pay the Lord is essential for many reasons…

No matter what you do with your life or income – some where along the way you need to learn to be responsible for your life and its outcomes – at least do all – that lies within your power —

Like any thing else managing money comes in steps – learning to work and make money – saving money – investing with it and having it – come back to you in more than one form of income – than improving on all of these skills over time…

Here are some basic steps –

1 – Learn how to make money

2 – Spend less than you make

3 – Pay a tithe and pay your self first

4 – Learn how to invest while you are young

5 – Manage your profits and build on them over time…

6 – Be a leader and encourage others to do the same…!

There are as many ways to manage money as there are people – but note – some things really work over time and many more do not…

Just know that there is will always be more left over – if you learn to pay your self first!.



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