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If you are Christian – you know that the new testament talks a great deal about Jesus Christ, his life and example…

Start with the Old Testament and New testament.

But it’s more than that,  As I have loved you Love one another – Love and service can change any one – regardless of their faith and belief, even so – Christ and his scriptures in the Bible are great examples of faith and love – plus so much more – modern prophets – have given us a great deal more…

An example of this is on my page @ Principles of Power taught by Jesus Christ

You can use simple principles as taught in gospel essentials class on Gospel Principles

Before you can get to these and other lds classes – you should have at least two studies –

1 through 5 of Preach My Gospel  ( a manual for Missionaries and New Investigators )!

1 – Restoration and Joseph Smith

2 – Plan of Salvation

3 – Gospel of Jesus Christ

4 – The commandments

5 – Laws and Ordinances

You might be asking – what does all of this have to do with the Bible or with Moving up?

Regardless of what faith you have – we all have use of the Light of Christ and that is based on knowing good and evil or right and wrong – and the more we study Jesus Christ the greater this light becomes on moving us up to greater heights of truth and light!

For those in college and for deeper levels of study the lds church offers institute studies of which one is the following on the restoration and on Jesus Christ!

Christ said he was the light of this World

Follow him and that light will increase!

No matter what you do – begin to ask yourself what would Christ do in this situation?

Think about – study it for a while and than act on what you study or understand about Christ and see how it changes you and your world – this brings Christ out of the churches and into our families and the world – making us better and the world better!

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