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Now the purpose of this site is several fold, to help you learn more about me and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are in this life together…

It’s also for encouragement, to help me and others to use principles of eternal life – right here and now to make our lives better and this world better… we can do that one person at time and one family at a time…

So I’m encouraging you do just that – join with me in making your life better by working with spirit and love of Jesus Christ, two of the most powerful forces in this world, are in love and service to each other – this includes loving our selves too, we often forget that… it’s hard to love others when we don’t love our selves..

But if we forget about Eternal Families and Exaltation, then we missed the most important point, and all things can not be done through or with Jesus Christ and The Godhead!

You can be a billionaire run many corporations, and still not really know why you are here! You can waste your life on things you can not take with you when you move on or die! Why? Because you never knew there were greater things than money, fame, power or anything else that fools you into thinking this life is all there is!

Real power is in Righteousness, that’s right, ever see a miracle? Ever raise someone from the dead? Heal someone, or even experience power beyond your own, many latter day saints, have and they are not alone… here is a perfect story…

read about John Tanner… watch the video

Learn about the plan of salvation – its’ not what you think!!!

The following is just part of it – find a latter day saint or Mormon, and learn more – you owe it to yourself and family – to find out much more about all of this!!

The Plan of Salvation, more than just answering – why are we here? It’s more than having money and power, it’s about learning who we really are as sons and daughters of God, our birthright etc. We can become like our heavenly parents – if we live right, and grow into perfection as they did before us…!!!

The war between god and Lucifer goes on!

You can ask questions to missionaries online or in person – the choice is yours – online – visit Mormon.org/chat